How Good Of A Place Is Michigan For Teen Drivers?

Motor vehicle collisions can sometimes result in a teen driver suffering injuries that impair them for the rest of their life. Sadly, traffic crashes sometimes even claim the lives of teen drivers.

Thus, one would hope that all teen drivers here in Michigan would be safe out on the roads. One thing that can greatly impact a teen driver's safety is how responsibly they act when driving. In a past post, we discussed some of the things parents can do to encourage their teens to drive safely.

Another thing that can impact the safety of teen drivers in a state are the individual characteristics of the state. There are a wide range of different characteristics of a state that can affect how safe the state's roads are for teen drivers, including the state's traffic laws, road conditions in the state and how drivers in the state generally act. Thus, states can differ quite a bit in how safe and good of a place they are for teen drivers.

One would hope Michigan would be one of the best places in the country for teen drivers. Unfortunately, a recent WalletHub report indicates that it is not. The WalletHub report ranked the states based on how good of a place they are for teen drivers.

Sadly, Michigan was not among the top-ranked states. Thankfully, it was also not among the worst-ranked states. Rather, it ended up ranking somewhere in the middle. Specifically, it was given a rank of No. 23.

A couple of examples of the general things the report looked at when determining how good of a place a state was for teen drivers were safety conditions in the state and state driving laws. When it came to safety conditions, Michigan again ranked in the middle area, with a ranking of No. 27. The state did noticeably worse when it came to its ranking on driving laws. When it came to that category, the report gave Michigan a ranking of No. 34.

How safe of a place do you think Michigan is for teen drivers? What do you see as being the biggest risks to the safety of teen drivers in the state? How good of a job do you think current state driving laws do at keeping teen drivers safe? What improvements would you like to see Michigan make when it comes to teen driver safety?

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