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Post Instructions for Discharge of Firearm in Self-Defense

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If you have been involved in a shooting incident, there are several important steps you should take after ensuring there is no longer a threat present.

We recommend that you:

  • Secure the weapon the assailant used. If possible, avoid touching the weapon with your bare hands. If you have sustained any injuries, seek medical attention right away. If possible, thoroughly check the scene without tampering with evidence. Help the victim as long as they are no longer a threat to your safety – but do not touch the victim if they appear to be dead.
  • Call the police. Explain that there has been a self-defense shooting and provide your location without giving any other details about the incident. Request emergency medical assistance. Be sure to put your firearm away, concealed from view. Comply with police, even if they treat you like a suspect. Refrain from questioning law enforcement officials or arguing with them, but be firm about not providing any statements.
  • Contact an attorney. As soon as possible, reach out to our Kalamazoo gun law attorneys. One of our lawyers will do their best to meet you at the scene of the incident. Be sure to let the attorney do the talking for you, as anything you say can and will be used against you. You could say:
    • I assert my right to counsel.
    • I do not consent to any searches or seizures.
    • I would like to be treated for shock.
    • I assert my right to silence.
  • Get medical treatment. As soon as paramedics arrive, you should be treated for shock. Any other people involved should also receive treatment whether they were injured or not.
  • Refrain from speaking to news media. Instead of recounting the incident to friends, family, neighbors, or media representatives, let your attorney do the talking.
  • Take legal action. You have the right to use lethal force if you genuinely feared for your life or someone else’s life. Do not apologize for defending yourself – statements of regret or apology can be misconstrued as guilt. You should also avoid statements like “they had it coming,” which can imply wrongdoing.

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